Month: October 2014

Ebola threat: Our military must be on front line of US fight, not on the sidelines

By Van Hipp As Americans grow increasingly concerned about Ebola both here and around the world, I’ve been speaking with respected doctors who have spent most of their lives working for our government. The concern they have about the Ebola threat to the American people is very real. They have spent their lives making sure […]

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ISIS-Putin-Snowden Form Terror Threesome To Target America

President Obama said Sunday that U.S. intelligence underestimated ISIS’s strength on the ground in Syria and Iraq. National-security officials counter that the president has been receiving precise briefings on the rise of the terrorist group for over two years, but Obama ignored the threat. While politicos point fingers, the danger is escalating rapidly as ISIS acts on insight into U.S. vulnerabilities it is getting from Russia.

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