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Ex-Rad, the U.S. Military’s Radiation Wonder Drug

By Van Hipp These are tragic and tense days indeed in Japan. The immense loss of life and absolute devastation caused by last week’s earthquake and tsunami is heartbreaking – and serve as the culprits in this unimaginable tragedy. The tension, felt by its citizens and far beyond the country’s borders, centers most immediately on […]

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Rep. Peter King Is Doing His Job By Holding Congressional Hearings On Muslim Radicalization

By Van Hipp Thursday’s hearing on Muslim radicalization is just the type of day the left feared in the wake of the Republicans takeover of the House last November. The House Committee on Homeland Security is holding a hearing on the impact of Muslim radicalization in the U.S. of all things – you know, an actual problem. […]

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Kasich Victory In Ohio Offers Blueprint for Beating Obama In 2012

By Van Hipp With the dust still settling from Tuesday’s historic election results, the pundits are busy sizing up what to make of it all. The shift of power in the U.S. House, the national gains by Republicans, the impact of the Tea Party and the implications of all of the above are hot topics. […]

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